''Face Yoga is like giving your skin a natural face-lift!''

Face Yoga is a great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance! The beauty of Facial Yoga is that you can do most of the exercises anytime anywhere.


At Face Yoga South Africa we teach the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method which is wonderfully unique as it is a holistic approach to the face, It works from the inside out toning the muscles, relaxing tension and boosting blood flow.


Face Exercise

We all know the muscles in the body need toning through exercise but so do the 57 muscles in the head, face and neck. this promotes firmer, smoother skin.


Derived from ancient eastern traditions, acupressure is a key tool in my method. as well as helping the skin to look glowing and healthy, it has many deeper benefits for wellbeing and health too.

Face Relaxation

Some muscles need to be relaxed, as this can help overall wellbeing and comfort as well as reduce and prevent repetitive stress-related expression lines.


Feeling good on the inside is key. when we feel good inside this radiates out through our face. positive affirmations, breathing, nutrition, skincare and self-care are key aspects of my method for an inner and outer glow.

Face Massage

Massaging the face is such an important part of my method. it helps boost circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, reduce tension. this means glowing, healthy and vibrant skin.

Face Yoga is our passion. Your health and wellness is our obsession.

From Our Partners


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I completed my very first Face Yoga session with Lisa this past week. What an absolute pleasure. Lisa made me feel at ease and has a wonderful, calming energy in her approach. I saw immediate results - my face looked fuller, my eyebrows evened out and my face had a gorgeous healthy glow afterwards. I'm very excited to see the long term results of my Face Yoga journey with Lisa. Highly recommend!

Maria De Vos

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“I have been very interested in face yoga. The session this morning was my first. I didn't realise how awesome it would be. I highly recommend this. Thank you so much Lisa, it makes a big difference, to have such a beautiful soul taking the class”

— Client

— Client